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On this week's special episode we discuss Star Wars and the anticipation behind the upcoming: The Force Awakens! We take a look at what made Star Wars special to us growing up and what we hope J.J. Abrams and team will make out of new the seventh installment of the epic series.

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PMIYC#142 Spectre

On this week's episode we discuss the longest and most expensive James Bond movie ever made - Sam Mendes' Spectre.

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PMIYC#141 Cobra

In 1986 Sylvester Stallone starred in a film called Cobra. Now more than 30 years later Dave and Lloyd will find out: Does the film stand the test of time? This film was requested by one of you through our Facebook page. If you have a film you'd like us to review let us know! #PMIYC

Purchase Cobra on Blu-ray.


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Snapdragon (1993) (PMIYC TV#88)

Latest episode of our video reviews is Snapdragon an erotic thriller starring Pamela Anderson.

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PMIYC#140 The Martian

Matt Damon stars in The Martian! Check out the latest offering from the great Ridley Scott and help us decide which recent space movie is the best. Feedback at or use the hashtag #PMIYC on Twitter!

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The Counselor
Exodus: Gods and Kings

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Buy the book 'The Martian' by Andy Weir


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