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PMIYC#128 Jurassic World

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard star in Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic World! It's made a billion dollars but how does it stand up against the original? Dave and Lloyd discuss in this weeks episode. Subscribe on iTunes and on

Pre-order Jurassic World on Blu Ray.


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Cleaner (2007) (PMIYC TV#78)

Latest episode of our video reviews is a noir film called CLEANER (2007) starring Samuel L Jackson, Eva Mendes & Ed Harris.

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PMIYC#127 Infini

Infini is a sci fi film shot in a warehouse in Sydney. It stars Daniel MacPherson and is Directed by Shane Abbess. The film is available to purchase or rent in iTunes. While you're there why not rate our podcast? Enjoy.

(Apologies for my croaky throat during this episode! - Dave)

Buy or rent Infini on iTunes.
Watch Lloyd's review of Pandorum on YouTube.


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PMIYC#126 Entourage

Vince, Drama, E & Turtle return on the big screen! Entourage is Directed by Doug Ellin and based on the hit HBO show. Find more Podcasts at

Buy the entire series of Entourage on Blu-ray.
Check out the David Lynch exhibit at Lloyd's Instagram account.
David Lynch's exhibit 'Between Two Worlds' video.


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PMIYC#125 Mad Max: Fury Road

Max is back. What a lovely Day! Listen to our review of Mad Max: Fury Road today. Find more great movie podcasts at

Pre-order Mad Max Fury Road on Blu-Ray.
Pre-order Mad Max Trilogy on Blu-ray.
Check out the Q&A with Robert Rodriguez and George Miller here.


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